Briggs Shetland Lamb

Richard with his Shetland Sheep. Photo, Ruth Briggs


I am a Shetland Sheep breeder on Shetland and I sell whole Native Shetland Lamb PDO. This lamb with subtly different characteristics is available freshly butchered, chilled and packed suitable for restaurants and for home freezing. 18-month old hogget is also available in the same form.

Now taking orders for September, and October and November 2021.

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If you wish to place an order or wish me to keep you informed of availability and delivery dates, please fill in your details on the Contact/Enquiry page or contact me at my email address above.

100% NATIVE SHETLAND LAMB All the lambs come from pure bred Shetland flocks raised on the isles. They are processed and packed for me by the local cooperative, Shetland Livestock Marketing Group

DELIVERY DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR is available throughout Britain via Royal Mail’s Next Day Special Delivery Service. I can also, by prior arrangement, deliver the boxes of meat personally in Shetland (Mainland) and to addresses in Eastern Scotland (near to the Aberdeen to Edinburgh Road connection). Again by prior arrangement I am able to deliver whole carcases by refrigerated transport.

SEASONAL I believe that the best flavour of Shetland lamb comes from animals that graze the natural Shetland plants and grasses. Consequently, Briggs’ Shetland Lamb is mainly available between September and November.

As of 31st January 2021 The UK adopted, in law, its own Protected Designation Origin (PDO) brand protection scheme. Put simply, the regulations of the EU PDO scheme were photocopied and edited to change every reference to the EU with a reference to the UK. These regulations apply in the UK only. It remains unclear if UK products are still protected in the EU and vice versa. The transition period to change from using the EU red and yellow logo to the UK black and gold logo is two years.